British Shorthair Personality and Character Traits

British Shorthair is globally one of the most common cat breeds. Famous British Shorthair characters everyone knows are Puss in Boots and the grinning Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderland. 

British Shorthairs’ personality is easygoing and mallow. They aren’t big fans of laps, and they don’t have the most cuddly nor snuggly character. Still, they like to be part of your daily activities, for example, following you around or observing your actions from a close distance. They also love to sit and sleep next to you, and occasionally even enjoy to be scooped up for a nice cuddle.

Overall, British Shorthairs can be very affectionate if you respect their boundaries, and they become quite attached to the people they own. 

This breed gets along well with all human members of the household, regardless of age. However, with small babies and toddlers, they tend to take the position of being out of reach. 

Their activity level is quite moderate. Kittens are more energetic, and they usually start to settle down by the time they turn a year old. Mature British Shorthairs are traditionally couch potatoes, but adults can occasionally be playful, and for example, run through the house, chase each other, etc. 

British Shorthairs have a short, thick coat, round head and cheeks, big round eyes, and rounded body. Their bodies are compact but powerful with a broad chest, strong legs with rounded paws, and a thick tail with a rounded tip. 

They come in various colors and patterns, including lilac, chocolate, black, white, pointed, tabby, and many more. 

Mature males weigh, on average, 5 to 8 kg, and females about 4 to 6 kg. British Shorthairs usually reach their full physical maturity when they are 3 to 5 years old.


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